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About David: The Short

David is a technology professional with a focus on web presence, marketing, emerging technologies, and building businesses. He works out of a room with some plants and his dogs, Nikki & ‘Lil Dude, who stare at him for another walk. If you’re interested in hiring him (me), click here.

Things I love…

Learning New Things
Helping Others
The Arts
Trips & Explorations
Walking My Dogs
Being a Spouse
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About David: The LoNg

I was born in the far-off land of Brooklyn, NY. The son of a teacher and designer. We moved to Massapequa NY, home of Jerry Seinfeld, the Baldwin brothers, and the Godfather – Carlo Gambino.

I flourished there and continued to grow until I was 5’ 6”. Years later I was intent on going to the New York Institute of Technology, but saw a Macintosh the same day it shipped. So much for college. I continued to learn things though.

Within 2 years of failing English in High School, I was hired as Technical Editor of MacUser Magazine. This incredible work helped me identify my next step and I took the leap. Aladdin Systems was born in a small apartment in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and StuffIt for Macintosh became a huge hit.

With more things happening in between, I moved out to Portland Oregon in 1997 and married the love of my life, Pegi. We got some dogs and started more businesses – all now focusing on helping others and bringing smiles to people’s faces. I paused high-tech business and started high-touch ones.

Every business needs websites and marketing. Guess who did that? Yup. And since 2009, I have been doing it for others.

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Why David

One of the advantages of working in this field for so long is that I’ve found what my true skills are. Many of my clients have told me that the training and empowerment I offered them while we were working together was the most valuable benefit of their success.

This is the part of the job that gives me the greatest pleasure and keeps me going. I am a very giving individual.

Many people already have wonderful websites, and there are several options for those who want to develop their own websites from the ground up. But where do you go when you want to do more? That’s where I come in. It doesn’t matter if you’re a little business or a large corporation; we can work together to improve, expand and create the right website for you.

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